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What is Stressed Skin?

What is Stressed Skin?

An introduction to Stressed skin and how to avoid it.

Topical Skincare Stress

  • Aggressive skin care Excessive peels, exfoliants, lasers, high-powered ingredients

  • Not using regular skincare Not cleansing to remove irritants, skipping hydration. Not protecting skin from the environment after using retinols and active ingredients.

  • Maskne Increased sensitivity, inflammation, and breakouts from wearing a face mask

Environmental Stress

  • Weather changes Cold climates, wind

  • Irritant exposure Pollution

  • Blue light and infrared radiation From prolonged use of devices

Emotional Stress

  • Psychological stress Fears, frustration, information overload, perfectionism, lack of control, insomnia, disturbed sleep

  • Psychosocial stress Relationship difficulties, lack of social support, lack of financial security, isolation, social media (bullying and trolling)

Chronic, emotional stress has real impact on the skin. Stress triggers a release of hormones including cortisol. Cortisol slows down the body’s natural regeneration of skin cells, reduces the skin’s ability to retain water which impacts the skin.

Symptoms of stress that show on skin:

  • Dryness from a weakened skin barrier
  • Expression lines from impaired collagen and elastin
  • Dullness from irregular cell turnover
  • Redness and irritation from changes in the skin’s immune system
  • Puffiness from retention of blood and fluid
  • Dark circles due to collagen loss skin becomes thinner, enhancing appearance of blood vessels beneath the eyes, making them appear darker
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