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COVID-19, An Update For Our Customers

We are doing our best to be a responsible, contributing member of the wider community - while also prioritising the health and well-being of our immediate team. Both Murad HQ and Retail teams are now virtual as team members work from home, with salaries and wages remaining intact.

Our website remains a safe, reliable place for you to shop.

Since COVID-19 we’ve experienced a high volume of orders including people who may have previously shopped in now temporarily closed stores. Coupled with the extra safety precautions we’ve put in place to protect our dispatch team, delivery partners and customers, your order may take longer to arrive. Please allow an additional 14 days after your expected delivery date for your order to arrive. We know you are eager to maintain your skincare routine or try something new, but we are doing everything we can to return to our usual service levels. We appreciate your patience and we’ll keep you updated of any changes. If your order is being shipped to outside the UK, please make sure to check DPD's daily COVID-19 International Bulletin to see if your parcel could be delayed. 

In line with the current situation, we’re doing our best to support the high volume of emails we’ve got coming our way. We hope you understand during these unprecedented times, you may experience some delays in your delivery reaching you, and delayed responses from our Customer Service Team. We want to be as honest as possible; we’re currently taking up to 5 days to respond to emails. To help us get back to you (and other customers) as soon as possible, please only send one email about your order if you need to. Our customer service phone lines are currently closed to support the high volume of emails we’ve got coming our way. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we do our best to meet the needs of all of our customers. As priority, we’re working to increase our support network, and train other teams to be able to respond to customer queries.

Lastly, we'd like to send this message from our founder, Dr.Howard Murad, about not just taking care of our physical selves (i.e., hand-washing, physical distancing), but also emotional selves. In Dr.Murad's words, please stay in touch and remember we're all here for each other.

"We're all monitoring the news around coronavirus closely, and we've taken steps to protect our physical selves. But what about our emotional selves? The constant news coverage and updates have driven up stress levels worldwide. That's why, this week, I'm focusing on how to stay healthy. Not just by washing your hands, but also managing and reducing stress. Rather than putting energy into panic, put energy into controlling the controllable. Manage your stress with favourite hobbies and activities that awaken your body. Eat your water to keep your cells healthy and hydrated rather than stress-eating and over-indulging (which can lower your immune system's defenses). And last, but hardly least: Stay in touch with loved ones to strengthen the relationships that keep you happy" - Dr.Howard Murad