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Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, is recognised around the world as a leading visionary for his unmatched scientific innovations and as founder of Murad, the world's leading clinical skincare brand. His mission and passion is in helping people unlock their potential to look younger, to feel younger and to live healthier, happier and more rewarding lives. With 19 unique patents and a 30-year legacy of research and clinical testing, Dr. Murad believes that every aspect of one's health is as interconnected as every cell in the body. This philosophy, which he calls Connected Beauty, is a whole-person approach designed to help people around the world nourish their skin with efficacious topical products, "eat" their water by consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables, awaken their body through movement and to be kind to their minds by managing the stress of modern living.

A board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Dr. Murad has personally treated over 50,000 patients. In 1989 he founded Murad as a way to share his ground-breaking skincare formulas, which were among the first to achieve significant measurable anti-aging results without surgery.

Known as "The Father of Internal Skincare" for being an originator of the use of dietary supplements to promote skin health and as the pioneer of the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in topical skin care, Dr. Murad has received numerous recognitions including being named the "Best Forward-Thinking Doctor" by Vogue, "Top 50 Men of the World That Understand Women", by The Observer Woman, and a "Beauty Genius" by Elle. He was named an "Industry Visionary" by the International SPA Association and was inducted into Dermascope magazine's "Academy of Legends." Additionally, he discovered and continuously conducts research on the impact of Cultural StressĀ®, the constant and pervasive form of stress due to modern day living which has been scientifically shown to have a negative impact on cellular health. He continues his innovative research today using his training as a pharmacist and a physician, his insights as an entrepreneur and his enormous passion for life to positively transform overall health and wellness of people across the globe.

In addition to his contributions to science, healthy living and skincare, Dr. Murad has also made an impression on the art community with his research on the connection between the benefits of artistic expression and youth building, a whole-body method of preserving one's youthful appearance and good health. In 2008, after undergoing surgery to repair a detached retina, he was required to keep his head down with his chin to his chest for a month while the retina healed. At the suggestion of his wife, Dr. Murad started painting to help pass the time and discovered an unexpected passion for art and a way to reintroduce play and freedom of expression back into his life. Now an accomplished artist with hundreds of works exhibited and published, Dr. Murad has been benefiting his patients by incorporating art therapy and finding one's passion as key elements of living a more beautiful, connected life.

Dr. Murad grew up in Queens, N.Y. After earning his degree at The Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, he worked as a pharmacist while attending University of California at Irvine Medical School. He completed his rotating internship at New York's Queens Hospital. Later, Dr. Murad joined the U.S. military as a General Medical Officer for the United States Army, where he received a Bronze Star for his service as a battalion surgeon in Vietnam. He then completed his dermatology residency at the Veteran's Administration Hospital at UCLA.

Today Dr. Murad continues to lead ground-breaking research on the effects of cultural stress. He is an active philanthropist, inspirational speaker and author of eight best-selling books on ageing, health and skin care